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The Metropolitan Sanctuary for Children with Disability was opened in 2007 through the vision of Terry Fairfowl. It is managed by Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle Church in Belfast Northern Ireland. It is also supported through the work of UK Registered Chairty, Befrienders for Disability NIC100726, local fundraising events in Kenya, and other well wishers.


Rehabilitation services include medical assessments and nursing care, medicine, physical and occupational therapy, an orthotics and prosthetics service and a specialised seating clinic, (with the seats and other rehabilitation devices specially made on site from recycled used cartons / cardboard!). The sanctuary offers midweek daily day care for children with disability, focusing on children who are normally kept alone indoors during the day.


The ministry also has a small Rescue Centre, providing 24 hour care and accomodation for children with disability, requiring urgent care.


Through importing of donated goods, it also offers regular provision of disability equipment and devices to both the service users and local hospitals and caregiving institutions.


The focus of the work is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in a practical way and reaching out to those often deemed as the 'least' in the community.


The local church in Kenya is on site with the Sanctuary, and is pastored by Northern Irish Pastor Jason Allen, Metropolitan Tabernacle Church Nyeri Kenya, established 2011.




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The work was founded in 2007 through the vision of Terry Fairfowl (right), who started a ministry for people with disability in church in Belfast Northern Ireland, known as the Befrienders. This ministry focuses on the needs of those wth disability, which eventually led her to Kenya.


Together with the then senior pastor, Dr James McConnelll now led by Pastor DAvid Purse,  and overseeing pastor, Pastor David Murray of Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle Church, Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the commited members

of the congregation, they work tirelessley to support the Sancutary year after year.


The UK reg charity, Befrienders for Disability,

carries out continual fundraising efforts to  

provide additional funds for the ministry for building

projects and to supplement resources. They run charity

shops in Belfast and also organise team trips. SEE REACHING OUT


                                                                  In Kenya, the local fundraising department is

                                                                  known as Smile Dispatch, 'sending smiles to

                                                                  children with disability'. They organise an

                                                                  annual mountain climb, Ability walk and

                                                                  wheelchair push, and other fund raising and

                                                                  promotional efforts to assist in developing the




                                                                   Northern Irish ,missionaries, Pastor Jason Allen and wife  

                                                                   Jolene, have been ministering full time in Kenya since  

                                                                   2010, together with their young family.


                                                                   In May 2011 a local church in Nyeri was founded, the Metropolitan Tabernacle Church Nyeri, a  

                                                                   now thriving church in the Kamawka village. Pastor Jason pastors the church, assisted

                                                                   by Pastor Mary Wahome. Jolene is a trained occupational therapist and is the Administrator  

                                                                   of the Sanctuary.